Arduino day 2014: 10 Arduino Projects That Simplify Electronics Hacking

The best way to celebrate Arduino is to learn about its best projects and applications.

Today, Saturday 29th March marks World Arduino Day, an eponymous celebration of the first decade of the open-source single-board microcontroller designed for do-it-yourself electronics projects.


Developed in 2004 for Italian design students, Arduino quickly became a favorite for builders and makers all over the world. With a built-in set of inputs and outputs that can be directly connected to sensors, Arduino allows for projects that interact with the environment outside the tiny microcontroller.

For this reason, many compare Arduino to Raspberry Pi, but Arduino is not a self-sufficient computer like the Pi. What Arduino can do is make electrical engineering ridiculously easy. For example, let’s say you wanted to create a simple project to make LEDs blink on and off.

On the Raspberry Pi, you’d need to install your OS and some code libraries, and that’s just the start.

On the Arduino, you can achieve the same functionality with just an LED, a resistor and eight measly lines of code.

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As Mobile Revolutionizes Commerce, How Marketers Are Taking Advantage

Mobile has revolutionized commerce, including the way consumers engage, research and ultimately purchase products.


Here’s how mobile assets are reshaping the commerce landscape and consumer buying behaviors:

1. Showrooming.The increase in showrooming should be seen as an incentive for brands to deliver real-time information and innovations to prompt consumers to visit stores in person.

2. Social Shopping. Social media is already becoming increasingly integrated into the brick-and-mortar experience, and mobile engagement is a driving force.

3. App Marketing. Apps are also bridging the gap between brick-and-mortar retailers and e-commerce sites. Essentially, they have opened up new marketplaces in which both marketers and consumers benefit.

4. Mobile Payments. One of the main benefits of shopping online is avoiding long checkout lines. Many retailers have risen to the challenge by offering mobile payment systems that empower in-store shoppers to conduct self-service checkout using their smartphones.

5. Location-Based Ads. By combining the power of location and other data-based targeting strategies, advertisers can improve the relevancy of brand messages and effectively drive up performance. A new report by BIA/Kelsey estimates that by 2017, over half of all mobile ad budgets will be allocated to location-targeted ads.

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Rangone: “Resteranno pochi colossi in grado di innovare”

Il docente del Politecnico di Milano: le Tlc europee torneranno a fare innovazione grazie a un trend di acquisizioni. E così potranno finalmente parlare a tu per tu con gli over the top

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Upgrade your brain: Programming resources for coding newbies – The Next Web





Coding is fast becoming the new standard of literacy. No matter who you are, your age or what you do for a living, it’s time to get on board.

Perhaps you’re not going to become a software developer or an engineer. You’ll probably never rise above the level of rank newbie. But many of us know that learning even a few words and phrases in another language helps to open doors and make connections—and let’s face it, it often feels like coding types are speaking another language.

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Windowless Jet Will Let You Virtually Ride on Top of Clouds

Spike Aerospace announced plans to launch a windowless supersonic business jet that will feature video displays that take up most of the interior wall space.

Outside of the aircraft, an array of cameras will send a live video feed of the exterior to the interior wall screens, giving passengers the experience of riding right on top of clouds.SEE ALSO: Delta Airlines iPad App Has a ‘Glass Bottom Jet’ FeatureAnd while some passengers might be uncomfortable seeing visuals of high-altitude travel from such an immersive perspective, many others will likely jump at the chance to get a never-before-possible window-seat view of the clouds.Adding to the surreal nature of the experience will be the fact that the flights will travel at supersonic speeds of Mach 1.6 to 1.8. According to Spike Aerospace, this means the company’s aircrafts will be able to travel from Los Angeles to Tokyo in just five hours, and New York City to London in just three

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10 trend che cambieranno il social media marketing nel 2014

 L’anno appena iniziato potrebbe portare mutamenti, qui descritti, che richiederanno azioni non prorogabili da parte delle aziende.

I social media non sono più un “campo giochi”, ma sono ormai ambienti relazionali maturi, sempre meno isolati, in grado di incidere sulle performance aziendali.

1) Brand come editoricatturare l’attenzione delle persone sarà sempre più difficile, anche a causa degli algoritmi che governano la visibilità degli oggetti sociali.

2) Real time: i contenuti di qualità potrebbero non bastare. Una nuova capacità che i marketer dovranno acquisire è quella di inserirsi velocemente nel flusso informativo nel quale siamo immersi.

3) Advertising: la pubblicità invaderà i social media. Il buon marketer si distinguerà dagli altri perché riuscirà ad utilizzarla, senza considerarla un corpo estraneo, per veicolare al meglio contenuti di qualità, ma senza infastidire il proprio pubblico di riferimento.

4) Instant Messagingle applicazioni nate per dare la possibilità di scambiare messaggi in tempo reale sono già entrate nella routine di milioni di persone.

5) Social caringnon basta più essere presenti sui social media pubblicandocontenuti, seppur utili e divertenti. Le persone sempre più spesso utilizzano questi spazi per rivolgere domande e chiedere assistenza.

6) Social + SEO: le tecniche tese a dare maggior visibilità ai contenuti prodotti non potranno non tener conto della capacità dell’azienda di comunicare efficacemente sui social media.

7) Mobile: l’utilizzo dei dispositivi mobili, smartphone, tablet e presto smartwatch, sta crescendo in maniera impressionante.

8) Geolocation: soprattutto per i brand che hanno dei punti di contatto dislocati sul territorio sarà fondamentale prevedere una strategia di Geo Marketing.

9) Social commerce: il commercio elettronico sta cambiando, seguendo le nuove abitudini di fruizione della rete.

10) Social TV: l’abitudine delle persone di commentare le trasmissioni televisive inrete è destinata a crescere.

10 trend che cambieranno il social media marketing nel 2014.

Finextra Community Home The Mobile Payment Wars: Will HCE be a game-changer for NFC

Over the last two years or so, the mobile payments landscape has been abuzz with the supposedly disruptive potential of near field communications (NFC) technology.

Predictions have been made about the imminent obsolescence of plastic cards and controversies have erupted over Apple’s refusal to acknowledge NFC and rumors about Verizon blocking Google Wallet on its Galaxy Nexus phone

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Google launches platform for wearables »

Software giant Google has extended its Android mobile platform to support wearable devices. The Android Wear extension is intended to bring a common user experience and a developer platform to wearable devices.

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Mobile World Congress – The stage is set for the Mobile Wallet | Digital Marketing Magazine

As this year’s MWC demonstrated, 2014 and beyond will be an exciting time for retailers. The mobile wallet offers retailers and consumers alike huge possibilities when it comes to digitalising the shopping experience and rejuvenating the high street.


For retailers in particular the reality of a mobile wallet could transform how they engage and serve customers proactively ahead of an actual purchase taking place and as equally important post purchase. The mobile wallet is moving from an ideology to become a very real part of the multi-channel offering.

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The Magic of Search in Retail: Lessons from Germany and beyond… | Digital Marketing Magazine

How can retail chains gain market share in ecommerce and at the same time maintain customers loyalty across all their sales channels? Best practices from European retailers show that omnichannel strategies depend on the findability of all product and content data relevant to customers’ needs. Check out some of our key lessons from retailers in Germany and beyond:

1. Providing the best customer experience through omichannel distribution

2. All data at the right time to the right customers

3. The search as an enabler to retail strategies

4. OBI inspires online visitors to shop in branches

5. Local availability: real,- makes them accessible anywhere

6. Tablets drive 60% increase on in-store orders for SportScheck

7. Conrad Electronic inspires with sales-boosting online campaigns

8. Detailed analysis paves the way for optimisation measures

9. Search supports Yves Rocher with worldwide expansion

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