The Era Of TV’s Media Dominance Will Come To An End In 2016 — Business Insider

The internet is about to do to TV what it has already done to newspapers and radio.


By 2019 “interactive spend,” as Forrester calls it, will top $100 billion, while TV advertising will be at just over $90 billion

Overall, US advertisers are committing hundreds of millions of dollars less to cable TV networks for the first time since the 2009/10 seasons

Marketers are slowly coming around to the realization that consumers are spending more time on their desktops, mobiles and tablets than they are watching live TV. Ad spend on digital is starting to level up with time spent.

Brands can run beautiful campaigns like on TV, but they don’t have the shackles of scheduling, they can use more sophisticated targeting techniques and — currently — online video ads are still cheaper than buying primetime 30-second spots.


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