#Google #Fiber is growing slowly, by design – via Endgaget

The Google Way on Fiber:  first things first, build up internal know how on new business, focus on making sure its core services have an excellent user experience…  then scale up!!


“It is, as always, step by step,” Google Fiber head of project management Adam Smith tells me. Smith is hesitantly explaining how Google isn’t very experienced at this whole “internet provider” thing it’s been doing.

“By having control of all the hardware and software, now we’re getting into this more iterative phase of being able to push code and make changes more rapidly to create a more responsive product.”

Right now, these revisions are focused on improving internet and TV service — specifically WiFi connectivity. “I think the stat is that 70-percent of the devices that connect at home connect through WiFi,” Smith says. “We spend an insane amount of engineering time just trying to improve and optimize that experience.”

In the meantime, Google is focusing primarily on making sure its core services are excellent.

“We are interested in exploring new ways for people to purchase video, but our core offering is our live TV service, which we think is an awesome service.”

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