Elettronica stampata in 3D: se ne parlerà a Milano al Vodafone Theatre | 3d Printing


Durante il convegno, i leader internazionali del settore si incontreranno per fornire una visione concreta dei prossimi scenari tecnologici e stabilire un punto di incontro con l’industria, il mercato e la ricerca sulle tematiche dell’additive manufacturing, alla presenza di produttori, esperti, responsabili d’azienda e professionisti.

I guru del settore racconteranno i  prossimi step tecnologici e di innovazione a livello mondiale, delineando i temi strategici del futuro dell’additive manufacturing tra tecnologie, materiali, trend e case history di eccellenza.

Elettronica stampata in 3D: se ne parlerà a Milano



Are you ready for 3-D printing? – via McKinsey & Co

There have been false dawns before, but this technology is poised to deliver cost benefits and to advance innovation in manufacturing.are you ready for 3d printing

The coming years will bring new opportunities and challenges. Companies with savvy executives who raise awareness, fill talent gaps, and build the necessary organizational capabilities will be well positioned to benefit from this breakthrough technology.

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Executive Interview with Co-Founder of Arduino – via 3dprintingindustry

Inspiring interview with Massimo Banzi the co-founder of Arduino […] the Italian manufacturer of the low-cost, open-source board driving much of the current Maker Revolution. Here, Banzi discusses the foundation of Arduino, the Open Source movement, 3D printing and “making it” in Italy.

And in essence the key message is:

You can teach about 3D printing or programming with Arduino, but that is not sufficient. You need to envision an objective, something concrete that you can learn these technologies for.

In Italy, we need to help the younger generations develop a working consciousness and believe that they can be the ones to make the next big thing, not just imitate what others do!

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