Does Hardware Even Matter Anymore? -from HBR


We are in the midst of a technological revolution that is every bit as profound as the impact of cheap computing power, but it’s subtler and harder to notice. It will ease the way for companies launching and updating digital products, but it presents steep new learning curves that companies will have to master if they are to be successful.

The migration of functionality from hardware to software.

In more and more businesses, physical objects are no longer the primary basis for innovation and differentiation. They come second to innovations in computer code.

Managers are well aware that Moore’s Law, the idea that the number of transistors on a practical-sized chip doubles every 18 months, has brought us a bounty of cheap computing power, leading to smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, cloud-based services like Facebook and Uber, and on and on.

The software revolution will be a powerful complement to the cheap-computing revolution, and the opportunities for unique and innovative products are boundless — it’s just a matter of programming.

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Sharebot produrrà una stampante 3D con Arduino

Le due più importanti realtà italiane del mondo maker e del mondo della stampa 3D hanno formato un’alleanza strategica.

Il risultato di quest’alleanza è la stampante 3D di Arduino, che unirà la forza e la riconoscibilità del marchio creato da Massimo Banzi, intorno alle schede elettroniche open source più utilizzate al mondo, con l’esperienza e la ricerca di Sharebot nel campo delle stampanti 3D.

Sharebot produrrà una stampante 3D con Arduino –